Term of Use

1. Introduction.

These Website Standard Terms of Use (these “Terms” or these “Website Standard Terms of Use”) contained herein on this webpage, shall govern your use of this website, including all pages within this website (collectively referred to herein below as this “Website”). These Terms apply in full force and effect to your use of this Website and by using this Website, you expressly accept all terms of use contained herein in full. You must not use this Website, if you have any objection to any of these Website Standard Terms of Use. In the event that you are a minor, be sure to get your parent or legal guardian to review and agree to these terms of use and our privacy policy on your behalf. If you do not agree with the terms of use of these terms of use and our privacy policy, please do not use the sites.

2. Intellectual Property Rights.

Other than content you own, which you may have opted to include on this Website, under these Terms, Mangafreak and/or its licensors own all rights to the intellectual property and material contained in this Website, and all such rights are reserved. You are granted a limited license only, subject to the restrictions provided in these Terms, for purposes of viewing the material contained on this Website,

3. Restrictions.

You are expressly and emphatically restricted from all of the following:
• publishing any Website material in any media;
• selling, sublicensing and/or otherwise commercializing any Website material;
• publicly performing and/or showing any Website material;
• using this Website in any way that is, or may be, damaging to this Website;
• using this Website in any way that impacts user access to this Website;
• using this Website contrary to applicable laws and regulations, or in a way that causes, or may cause, harm to the Website, or to any person or business entity;
• engaging in any data mining, data harvesting, data extracting or any other similar activity in relation to this Website, or while using this Website;
• using this Website to engage in any advertising or marketing;
Certain areas of this Website are restricted from access by you and Mangafreak may further restrict access by you to any areas of this Website, at any time, in its sole and absolute discretion.

4. No warranties.

This Website is provided “as is,” with all faults, and Mangafreak makes no express or implied representations or warranties, of any kind related to this Website or the materials contained on this Website. Additionally, nothing contained on this Website shall be construed as providing consult or advice to you.

5. Limitation of liability.

In no event shall Mangafreak, nor any of its members, be liable to you for anything arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this Website, whether such liability is under contract, tort or otherwise, and Mangafreak including its officers, directors and employees shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential or special liability arising out of or in any way related to your use of this Website.

6. Indemnification.

You hereby indemnify to the fullest extent Mangafreak from and against any and all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or in any way related to your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms. You consent to repay, shield and hold innocuous, Mangafreak, its members to the Sites from and against all misfortunes, costs, harms and expenses, including sensible lawyers' charges, coming about because of (a) your utilization of, or exercises regarding, the Site, or (b) any infringement of these Terms of Use by you. Mangafreak maintains whatever authority is needed to accept, at its sole cost, the selective guard and control of any issue subject to repayment by you, in which occasion you will completely participate with Mangafreak in affirming any accessible barriers.

7. Severability.

If any provision of these Terms is found to be unenforceable or invalid under any applicable law, such unenforceability or invalidity shall not render these Terms unenforceable or invalid as a whole, and such provisions shall be deleted without affecting the remaining provisions herein.

8. Variation of Terms.

Mangafreak is permitted to revise these Terms at any time as it sees fit, and by using this Website you are expected to review such Terms on a regular basis to ensure you understand all terms of use governing use of this Website.

9. Assignment.

Mangafreak shall be permitted to assign, transfer, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these Terms without any notification or consent required. However, .you shall not be permitted to assign, transfer, or subcontract any of your rights and/or obligations under these Terms.

10. Questions.

The Sites are provided by Mangafreak. If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding these Terms of Use or the Sites, please contact: [email protected]

11. Termination

These Terms of Use should stay successful until ended as per their arrangements. Mangafreak maintains all authority to promptly end these Terms of Use, or potentially your entrance to and utilization of the Sites or any part thereof, whenever and for any reason, with or without cause, including without restriction, if Mangafreak accepts, in its sole watchfulness, that you have damaged or acted conflictingly with these Terms of Use. Upon such end, your entitlement to utilize the Sites should quickly stop, and you might crush all Materials acquired from the Sites and all duplicates thereof, regardless of whether made under these Terms of Use or something else.

12. Entire Agreement.

These Terms, including any legal notices and disclaimers contained on this Website, constitute the entire agreement between Mangafreak and you in relation to your use of this Website, and supersede all prior agreements and understandings with respect to the same.

13. Other

These Terms of Use contains the whole assention amongst you and Mangafreak with respect to the utilization of the Sites and supersedes every single earlier understanding identified with the Sites, can't be changed orally, and if any arrangement or segment of an arrangement of these Terms of Use is held invalid, the rest of this assention and, if material, the influenced arrangement should proceed in full power and impact. No waiver by either gathering of any break of default hereunder should be regarded to be a waiver or any first or resulting rupture or default.