Yuki no Niiduma wa Boku to Tokeaitai

Associated Names: Yuki no Niizuma wa Boku to Tokeaitai, 新婚雪妻想與我交融, 雪の新妻は僕と溶け合いたい, 눈의 새색시는 나와 녹아들고 싶어해,
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: MIHOSHI Megane
Artist: MIHOSHI Megane
Release: 2020

A young fellow, Yuusuke Sakanoi, who is earning enough to pay the rent as a specialist, is helped by a secretive delightful lady when he's going to black out because of intensity stroke one day. Yuusuke searches for herself and figures out how to find her, yet she's in a soapland? She goes by Ginka, she is a beginner yuki-onna who came to the city looking for soul and her significant other, and the soapland was the taking care of ground for the yuki-onna! Furthermore, Ginka and Yuusuke will turn into a transitory couple? What will be the destiny of Yuusuke? Frozen with a little ecchi, recently marry love satire.