The Lawless

Associated Names: Tie Jiang Zong Heng
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: Khoo Fuk-Lung
Artist: Khoo Fuk-Lung
Release: 2012

From: Easy Going Scans The story begins to unfold in 900-960 AD, later Zhou dynasty, when Chi Wu is being imprisoned after purposely losing to the emperor. His true goal lies within the prison itself, a clue to the whereabouts of world’s greatest lost treasure-- Qi Lin Treasure. The words of his capture quickly spread to the ear of his senior and a former officer of the imperial court. Tie Zong Heng (Lawless), decides to be re-enlisted to the imperial services just to hunt down Chi Wu.

Title Timeline
Chapter 1 2013/04/29
Chapter 2 2013/05/07
Chapter 3 2013/05/19
Chapter 4 2013/06/08
Chapter 5 2013/07/21
Chapter 6 2013/10/05
Chapter 7 2014/01/31
Chapter 8 2014/04/04
Chapter 9 2014/06/18
Chapter 10 2015/02/20
Chapter 11 2015/04/04
Chapter 12 2015/09/03