Sekai Saikyou no Kouei: Meikyuukoku no Shinjin Tansakusha

Associated Names: World Strongest Rearguard: Labyrinth Country and Dungeon Seekers, World's Strongest Rearguard - The Novice Seeker of Labyrinth Country
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: Toowa
Artist: Rikizo
Release: 2018

Compulsive worker associate Atobe Arihito nodded off in his organization's transport that was going for an excursion. At the point when he got up he learned he had passed on because of the transport getting into a mishap, and that he had resurrected into a universe of reincarnators - to the Labyrinth Country. Incredibly he was found by his slave driving chief, Igarashi Kyouka, who further clarifies their job right now. In Labyrinth Country, Reincarnators are relied upon to pick a vocation and structure gatherings to battle against beasts in Labyrinths. "Valkyrie" Kyouka had expected Arihito to work with her by and by, however he decreases because of his insight into her requesting nature. As they withdraw she pledges to make him lament not picking her. Furthermore, along these lines begins Arihito's experience as a "Back Guard".