Quan Zhi Gao Shou

Associated Names: Full-time Expert, Master of Skill, The Kings Avatar
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Left(←) to Right(→)
Author: Chang Pan Yongzhe, Hudie Lan
Artist: D.LAN Cang Lan
Release: 2015

In the multiplayer web based diversion Glory, Ye Xiu, is outstanding as the Textbook dimension master and a top-level player. Because of a progression of conditions, he was compellingly removed out of his expert group. In the wake of leaving the expert gaming scene, he dwells at an Internet Café utilized as one of the directors. At the point when Glory dispatches the tenth server, he devotes himself completely to the diversion yet again, outfitted with ten years of gaming background, recollections of the past and a deficient independent weapon. His voyage back to the top starts. Subsequent to plotting and conspiring, who removed my greatness? Affected by the tempest, my expectations will never be broken. In its radiance, the way wont be lost, for I, will return! The manhua depends on the well known Quan Zhi Gao Shou epic by Butterfly Blue. The manhua is as of now serialized carefully in Da Jiao Chongs versatile application and is discharged on a week after week premise.

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