Onee-sama to Watashi: Ojou-sama ga Isekai Tensei

Associated Names: Onee-sama to Kyojin, La hermana mayor y la Gigante (Yo): La señorita reencarnada en otro mundo, My Sister and Giant, My Sister and Giant ~ A Young Lady Is Reborn in Another World ~, Onee-sama to Kyojin ~ Ojou-sama ga Isekai Tensei ~, Onee-sama to Watashi, The Onee-sama and the Giant, お姉さまと巨人, お姉さまと巨人(わたし), お姉さまと巨人(わたし)~お嬢様が異世界転生~, 姐姐大人和巨人(我)~大小姐转生进入异世界~, 언니와 거인 ~아가씨가 이세계 전생~
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: Be-con
Artist: Be-con
Release: 2021

Hinako is a reincarnated being from another world. Because she and the giant Eiris became sisters because they share the same goal, she was dubbed "the smallest giant." to locate their relatives. Hinako looks for Eiris' siblings and her sister, who might also have been reincarnated. However, while she is dealing with a specific request, a churchgoer catches her eye and forces her to take a chance. In this otherworldly fantasy of reincarnation that unites them, a story about a young girl and a giant, two people of different race and birth, searching for their "loved ones."

Title Timeline
Chapter 1 2023/06/26
Chapter 1e 2023/06/26
Chapter 2 2023/06/26
Chapter 3 2023/06/26
Chapter 4 2023/06/26
Chapter 5 2023/06/26
Chapter 5e 2023/06/26
Chapter 6 2023/06/26
Chapter 7 2023/06/26
Chapter 8 2023/06/26
Chapter 9 2023/06/26
Chapter 10 2023/06/26
Chapter 11 2023/07/03
Chapter 11e 2023/08/01
Chapter 12 2023/08/01
Chapter 13 2023/08/03
Chapter 14 2023/08/19
Chapter 15 2024/05/05
Chapter 16 2024/05/13