Maou Reijou no Shikousha - Isekai Shitsuji wa Ouse no Mama ni

Associated Names: 魔王令嬢の執行者, 魔王令嬢の執行者―異世界執事は仰せのままに―,
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Manga
Author: Sty
Artist: SANSUI Mido
Release: 2023

From here on out, you will end up being the head servant of the Evil presence Ruler's Palace and live for me! Lute, a little fellow who was brought to a different universe, however was deserted because of his inadequacy. The person who grasped his hand was the Evil presence Ruler's just little girl, Lurunoa. That experience flips around everything. Three evil presence princesses with incredible secret powers and mysteries. The boy becomes the world's trump card when the continent's mysteries are revealed!

Title Timeline
Chapter 1 2024/01/09
Chapter 2 2024/01/09
Chapter 3 2024/01/09
Chapter 4 2024/02/04
Chapter 5 2024/03/13
Chapter 6 2024/04/06
Chapter 7 2024/05/13