Kakunaru Ue wa

Associated Names: Now That We Draw, Rupa Gambar Kita, Ta Cùng Vẽ Thôi Nào!, 描くなるうえは, 既然要画恋爱漫画,
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: TAKAHATA Kyuu
Artist: KABA Yuuji
Release: 2023

Uehara-kun aspires to become a manga artist and enjoys drawing two-dimensional characters. However, when an editor says that his work is too boring, his hopes are dashed. A gyaru in his class named Miyamoto Niina sees his manuscript the following day as he is thinking about giving up on his dream. She starts a pseudo-romance with him that is a little too close to comforting, all in an effort to help him with his manga. A manga craftsman x juvenile love parody!