Inkya Datta Ore no Seishun Revenge - Tenshi sugiru Ano Ko wa Ayumu Re Life

Associated Names: Inkya Datta Ore no Seishun Revenge, Inribe, The Revenge of My Youth: My Re Life With a Girl Who Was Too Much of an Angel, 陰キャだった俺の青春リベンジ, 陰キャだった俺の青春リベンジ 天使すぎるあの娘と歩むReライフ, 陰リベ,
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: KEINO Yuuzi
Artist: Ise Ebi Boil
Release: 2022

This is the tale of Nihama Shincirou, who fell subsequent to being desolates by a dark organization and awakened to find that he been sent back to his second year of secondary school. At the point when he awakens, he figures out himself in an opportunity jump to his second year of secondary school. His high school experience was cloudy and shady, but he is certain that he can begin again now. The wonderful young lady of his fantasies, Haruka Shijounin, whom he met again over the long haul, is much more blameless and charming than he recalled, or more all, she has been looking directly at Niihama. “l feel like you’ve changed a ton from the Niihama I knew yesterday. You’re as yet kind, yet you’ve grown up, and that is magnificent!” In the event that I could change the future, I would save her life after she ended her own life in the wake of being seriously harassed. With the grown up attitude and corporate power that I’ve procured, I will get back at any second youth with her-!

Title Timeline
Chapter 1 2023/08/28
Chapter 2 2023/08/28
Chapter 3 2023/08/28
Chapter 4 2023/08/28
Chapter 5 2023/08/28
Chapter 6 2023/08/28
Chapter 7 2023/08/28
Chapter 8 2023/08/28
Chapter 9 2023/08/28
Chapter 10 2023/10/29
Chapter 11 2023/10/29
Chapter 12 2024/01/06
Chapter 13 2024/01/24
Chapter 14 2024/02/28
Chapter 15 2024/03/21
Chapter 16 2024/05/03
Chapter 17 2024/06/10