Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

Associated Names: Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maoh
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: Itou, Souichi (Art), Mizuki, Shoutarou (Story)
Release: 2008

30th AD century, in a world that magic exists naturally, 100 years pasts since a great war between human races and the devil king. the war concluded by the human race's victory though it made many sacrifices, and slowly but surely the civilizations are also developing once again. One time, one witch walks down into a small town holding a newborn baby in her arms, she stopped in front of a church, put the baby in front of their door then disappeared. After that, ten years past, the baby took by the church was named "Akuto", and eventhough he was raised in the orphanage he put the people in awe and perplexity with his preaching about love of mankind and equality like a man of virtue. later Akuto decided he want to live in modesty so as not to trouble others, and before long a family offer themself to adopt him. However, on the day Akuto left the orphanage, a new girl was brought as a new family on the orphanage. The girl cant stop crying because of loneliness, making the adults around her in trouble. Akuto saw all that and he decided to bring all his money given by the orphanage for his future living expenses and bought a hair ornament with a jewel on it. He handed it over to the girl to make her stop crying and promised they ll meet again someday if she stopped crying and take a good care of the ornament. Five years later, Akuto passed the test to enter Constantin Magic High School, and left his foster father's home. He made a new friend on his way to the school in a bus, and he arrived at the school. then he underwent the vocational aptitude test, a test which is one of the school's rules to determine one student future occupation. "Examination Numbers: Number 021 , Name: Sai Akuto. Future Occupation: the Devil King

Title Timeline Download
Chapter 1 - The Maou is Born 2009/10/15 Download
Chapter 2 - A Mysterious Girl Arrives 2009/10/15 Download
Chapter 3 - The Mysteriour Private Eye 2009/10/15 Download
Chapter 4 - Kena Disappeared 2009/10/15 Download
Chapter 5 - Lets Be Friends 2009/10/29 Download
Chapter 6 - The Academy Goddess 2010/05/06 Download
Chapter 7 - Cooking is All About Love 2010/05/06 Download
Chapter 8 - Hard Battle! Disciplinary Commitee Member 2010/05/06 Download
Chapter 9 - Maou, Awakened!? 2010/05/24 Download
Chapter 10 - Fist Date? 2010/06/07 Download
Chapter 11 - The Strongest! Student Council President 2010/06/26 Download
Chapter 12 - Training From Hell? 2010/09/04 Download
Chapter 13 - Decisive Battle! Maou Vs Student Council President 2010/11/09 Download
Chapter 14 - The Witch's Seduction 2010/12/26 Download
Chapter 15 - The Promise On That Day 2010/12/26 Download
Chapter 16 2011/10/24 Download
Chapter 17 - The Demon King's Resurrection 2011/10/27 Download
Chapter 18 - Fujiko's Past 2011/11/10 Download
Chapter 19 - Wanna Get Seduced? 2011/11/23 Download
Chapter 20 - The Seal, Released 2011/12/04 Download
Chapter 21 - Demon King Vs Liladan!? 2011/12/29 Download
Chapter 22 - The Demon King's Legacy 2011/12/29 Download
Chapter 23 - Feelings That Run Deep 2012/01/10 Download
Chapter 24 - The Awakened Legacy 2012/02/15 Download
Chapter 25 - Menace!! 2012/02/15 Download
Chapter 26 - The Demon King Has Returned 2012/02/25 Download
Chapter 27 - The Return to Normal Life 2012/06/20 Download
Chapter 28 - The Meeting With Keino 2012/08/19 Download
Chapter 29 - The Key to the Seaside School 2012/09/18 Download
Chapter 30 - Panty Contest, Start 2012/09/18 Download
Chapter 31 - The Whereabouts of Panties...! 2012/12/19 Download
Chapter 32 - The Seaside School of My Adoration 2012/12/19 Download
Chapter 33 2013/02/17 Download
Chapter 34 - An Open-Air Bath is a Dangerous Place? 2013/02/17 Download
Chapter 35 - Abrupt Continuation 2013/04/11 Download
Chapter 36 - Akuto's Determination 2013/08/19 Download
Chapter 37 - Justice and Evil 2014/08/10 Download
Chapter 38 - The Demon King's 2014/08/10 Download
Chapter 39 - Korone's Surprising Suggestion 2014/08/10 Download
Chapter 40 - Korone's Confession 2014/08/10 Download
Chapter 41 - Fujiko's Strategy 2014/08/10 Download
Chapter 42 - Akuto, Insanity! 2014/08/17 Download
Chapter 43 - Junko, Corruption! 2014/08/17 Download
Chapter 44 - Junko's Passion 2014/08/17 Download
Chapter 45 - The End of the Rampage 2014/08/17 Download
Chapter 46 - Hattori, Family conference!! 2014/10/18 Download
Chapter 47 - Hattori, Family conference!! 2014/10/21 Download