I Was Reincarnated as a Poor Farmer in a Different World, So I Decided to Make Bricks to Build a Castle

Associated Names: Isekai no Binbou Nouka ni Tensei Shita Node, Renga wo Tsukutte Shiro wo Tateru Koto ni Shimashita, 異世界の貧乏農家に転生したので、レンガを作って城を建てることにしました
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: Cancellara
Release: 2020

In another world where the Royal family power is on decline, and turmoil are lasting. In a remote village, a young child, who will later be named Ars, is "gardening" and "improving the land." Having the memories of his previous life, he who was fond of "city building" games, initiated to do "selective breeding for crops" and "house constructions" with his own magic to get out of poverty, and finally acquired a "brick creation!" Selling his bricks to a peddler, he obtains a rare egg of a “tamed beast," but can he raise it safely? Later called as a “Living God,” this is the beginning of the heroic tale of a young boy who founded a nation!

Title Timeline
Chapter 1a 2022/06/21
Chapter 1b 2022/06/21
Chapter 2a 2022/06/21
Chapter 2b 2022/06/21
Chapter 3a 2022/06/21
Chapter 3b 2022/06/21
Chapter 4a 2022/06/21
Chapter 4b 2022/06/21
Chapter 5a 2022/06/21
Chapter 5b 2022/06/21
Chapter 6a 2022/06/21
Chapter 6b 2022/06/21
Chapter 7a 2023/04/28
Chapter 7b 2023/05/24
Chapter 8a 2023/06/24
Chapter 8b 2023/07/08
Chapter 9 2023/07/16
Chapter 9b 2023/07/18
Chapter 10a 2023/07/22
Chapter 10b 2023/07/22
Chapter 12a 2023/08/10
Chapter 12b 2023/08/10
Chapter 12c 2023/08/22
Chapter 13a 2023/12/04
Chapter 13b 2023/12/04
Chapter 13c 2023/12/04
Chapter 14a 2023/12/04
Chapter 14b 2023/12/04
Chapter 15a 2023/12/04
Chapter 15b 2023/12/04
Chapter 16 2024/05/05
Chapter 17a 2024/05/05
Chapter 17b 2024/05/11
Chapter 17c 2024/05/18
Chapter 18a 2024/05/28
Chapter 18b 2024/05/28