Dou ka Ore wo Hanatte Oitekure

Associated Names: Dou ka Ore wo Hanatte Oitekure - Naze ka Bocchi no Owatta Koukou Seikatsu wo Kanojo ga Kaeyou to shite kuru, Please Leave Me Alone (For Some Reason, She Wants To Change A Lone Wolf's Helpless High School Life.), どうか俺を放っておいてくれ, どうか俺を放っておいてくれ〜なぜかぼっちの終わった高校生活を彼女が変えようとしてくる 〜,
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: AIZAKI Kabegiwa
Artist: SHIKI Mutsuko
Release: 2022

“We should begin a procedure meeting for making companions.” This is a tale about her and me. It’s the most terrible and the greatest second-life secondary school romantic comedy of all time. Love, kinship, and the shining delights of youth. The secondary school life that I’ve anticipated still finished with me being distant from everyone else. Then, at that point, simply a day prior to the graduation service… “Try not to kick the bucket! Nanamura-kun!” Sora Hanamitsuji, she’s a wonderful young lady that even models can’t measure up to. My life finished in the wake of getting hit by a truck to safeguard her… That ought to have been the situation. “It should be on the grounds that the divine beings got exhausted.” Nonetheless, with this mishap, Hanamitsuji-san and I got back to the day of our secondary school’s entry service. The subsequent secondary school life is at this point not as enchanting and energetic. I planned to spend it humbly and alone… Yet, she said that will not do. “All things considered, I’ll assist you with making companions.” This is a tale about my subsequent secondary school life. It’s the most obviously terrible and best teen romantic comedy of all time.

Title Timeline
Chapter 1 - A Loner Can't Make Friends Even After Going Back, Right? 2023/11/23
Chapter 2 - A Time Leap Isn't Going to Change How I Live, Alright? 2023/11/23
Chapter 3 - I Don't Want to Start My High School Life All Over Again in the First Place, Alright? 2023/11/23
Chapter 4 - Girls and Chit-Chatting Are an Impossible Game for Me, Okay? 2023/11/23
Chapter 5 - Mashiro Shiramine Wants a Sudden Chat With Me? 2023/11/23
Chapter 5e - Vol.1 Extras 2023/11/23
Chapter 6 - Gals Who Are Nice to an Otaku Are Just a Fantasy, Right? 2023/11/23
Chapter 7 - I Have No Reason to Help No Matter How You Look at It, But...? 2023/11/23
Chapter 8 - How Come My Second Life Feels Worse Than the First One? 2023/11/23
Chapter 9 - I Am Not the Type of Person Who Misunderstands Suggestive Sentences, Alright? 2023/11/23
Chapter 10 - Mashiro Shiramine Spoke to Me Again 2023/11/23
Chapter 11 - I Feel Like Forming Groups for the Trip Is More Worrying Than the Actual Trip, Alright? 2023/11/23
Chapter 11e - Vol.2 Extras 2023/11/23
Chapter 12 - I Want You to Stop Imposing These Normie Values of Yours onto Me, Alright? 2023/11/23
Chapter 13 - A Loner Can't Possibly Leave a Nice Memory on the Trip, Okay? 2023/11/23
Chapter 14 - There Are Only So Many Solutions a Loner Can Think of, Right? 2023/11/23
Chapter 15 - That Isn't the Face I Want to See on Hanamitsuji, Right? 2023/11/23
Chapter 16 - I Didn't Want to Go Through the Experience of Saving a Beautiful Girl from Bad Guys, Alright? 2023/11/23
Chapter 17 - No One Would Struggle if We Knew the Correct Answer, Right? 2023/11/23
Chapter 17e - Vol.3 Extras 2023/11/23
Chapter 18 - The Reflection Meeting Began Just When I Thought It Was a Happy Ending 2023/11/23
Chapter 19 2023/12/14
Chapter 20 - It Won't Turn into a Rom-Com Situation Even if I Went to a Girl's House, Alright? 2024/02/05
Chapter 21 2024/03/03
Chapter 22 2024/04/23
Chapter 23 2024/06/02
Chapter 23e 2024/07/08