Don't Believe Her

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Direction: Left(←) to Right(→)
Author: HWANG Mi-Ri
Artist: HWANG Mi-Ri
Release: 2010

Hae Na a young pretty famous model who made it to the top within a short period of time.There’s more to this girl that seems pretty mysterious. Her whereabouts are unknown. Except nobody knows her secret, behind those thick glasses Kang Hae Na, a seventeen year old orphan girl is really Hae Na. With her determination to have a peaceful school life, she was allowed to go to school if she can hide her true identity. Find out if she can hide her identity behind those glasses or will her efforts be futile?

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Chapter 1 2013/09/25 Download
Chapter 2 2013/09/25 Download
Chapter 3 2013/09/25 Download
Chapter 4 2014/02/07 Download
Chapter 5 2014/02/07 Download
Chapter 6 2014/02/07 Download