Dainana Maouji Jilbagias no Maou Keikokuki

Associated Names: 7th Demon Prince Jilbagias, The Demon Kingdom Destroyer, Dai Nana Maouji Jirubagiasu no Maou Keikoku Ki, Seventh Demon Prince Jilbagias
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Manga
Author: AMAGI Tomoaki
Artist: NOI Nitora
Release: 2023

Alexander, whose old neighborhood was annihilated by the devil race, battled with the Evil presence Ruler and was killed. Yet, in spite of the fact that he ought to have kicked the bucket, he was renewed as the Evil spirit Ruler's child, Jilbagias — !? While concealing his actual personality, he stains his hands with monstrosities as he behaves as the best evil spirit sovereign, expanding his ability to oust the Devil Realm eventually...

Title Timeline
Chapter 1 2023/11/03
Chapter 2 2023/11/03
Chapter 3 2023/11/03
Chapter 4 2023/11/03
Chapter 5 2023/11/04
Chapter 6 2023/11/05
Chapter 7 2023/11/14
Chapter 8 2023/12/21
Chapter 9 2024/02/16
Chapter 10 2024/03/20
Chapter 11 2024/05/30
Chapter 12 2024/07/07