Afro Samurai

Associated Names:
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: Okazaki Takashi
Artist: Okazaki Takashi
Release: 2008

Set in a "cutting edge, yet primitive Japan," and stars a samurai named Afro for his hair. The story pursues Afro as he attempts to vindicate his dad s homicide. In the realm of Afro Samurai, it is said that the person who progresses toward becoming "Number One", will govern the world, using powers likened to a divine being. Somebody ends up Number One by murdering the past Number One and taking his formal headband. Notwithstanding, the main guideline in this world is that just the "Number Two" (additionally assigned by a sacrosanct headband) is permitted to battle the "Number One." The drawback of this is anybody (and regularly everybody) can challenge and attempt to execute the Number Two, to pick up the privilege to push ahead and challenge Number One. Afro Samurai s dad was the old Number One, until he was tested by a shooter, "Equity" (who was then Number Two), who battled him in a duel to turn into the new Number One. At the time the shooter tested his dad, Afro had just been a youngster. The shooter cut off his dad s head directly before the youthful Afro. Presently a grown-up, Afro Samurai is the present Number Two and an ace swordsman; he ventures to every part of the street looking for retribution on Justice, the present Number One. Protracted flashbacks scattered all through the story detail how Afro ascended from terrified kid escaping the passing of his dad, to ace swordsman, and in the long run to turn into the current "Number Two", while the story in the present arrangements with the grown-up Afro advancing toward the peak keep of the "Number One" to duel Justice, while simultaneously the puzzling faction known as the "Unfilled Seven Clan" sends different operators to slaughter Afro and take his Number Two headband.

Title Timeline
Chapter 1 2019/10/06
Chapter 2 2019/10/06
Chapter 3 2019/10/06
Chapter 4 2019/10/06
Chapter 5 2019/10/06
Chapter 6 2019/10/06
Chapter 7 2019/10/06
Chapter 8 2019/10/06
Chapter 9 2019/10/06
Chapter 10 2019/10/06