Associated Names: ACCEPT MY FIST OF LOVE
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: Murata
Artist: Murata

From back alley brawls to bashful bonds, two former-delinquents face their next fight; long-term relationships. During her high school years, Takebe was the top dog at her school. But with her old friends now living as happy riajuu, Takebe was faced with an impending sense of crisis. Takebe thus resolved herself to quit delinquency, but the result of that was a fated meeting with her old rival, Soramori. Losing a fist-fight against Soramori, for some reason or other Takebe was now dating her. What kind of relationship did the two of them have back in high school? And would Takebe ever manage to graduate from delinquency...!?

Title Timeline
Chapter 1 2018/08/11
Chapter 2 2018/09/09
Chapter 3 2019/02/08
Chapter 4 2019/02/08