Ore no Kantei Skill ga Cheat Sugite

Associated Names: Ore no Kantei Skill ga Cheat Sugite, 俺の『鑑定』スキルがチートすぎて ~伝説の勇者を読み“盗り”最強へ~, 我的鉴定技能强过头了,
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: SUMIMORI Sai
Artist: RYUUGA Shou
Release: 2020

Mel Lylute, who just turned 15, is called to receive his unique Skill. He then receives... Appraisal... But, this calls the attention of bad people. What will he do?

Title Timeline
Chapter 5a 2024/07/03
Chapter 5b 2024/07/03
Chapter 6a 2024/07/03
Chapter 6b 2024/07/03
Chapter 7a 2024/07/03
Chapter 7b 2024/07/03
Chapter 8a 2024/07/08
Chapter 8b 2024/07/09
Chapter 9 2024/07/14
Chapter 10 2024/07/17