Hazure Skill "Nigeru" de Ore wa Kyokugen-tei Level no Mama Saikyou wo Mezasu

Associated Names: Aim for the strongest with... the Worthless skill "ESCAPE", Aiming to Be the Strongest While Remaining at the Absolute Lowest Level With My Worthless Run Away Skill, By Using the Failure of a Skill, "Escape," I Strive to Become the Strongest Beginning at an Extremely Low Level ~Experience Points Suppressed & Skill Points Inflated to Death at Level 1, and Now You Can Get as Many Skills as You Want~, Using the Faulty Skill, "Escape," I Strive to Become the Strongest One Starting from the Utmost Low End of Ability Levels, ハズレスキル「逃げる」で俺は極限低レベルのまま最強を目指す~経験値抑制&レベル1でスキルポイントが死ぬほどインフレ、スキルが取り放題になった件~,
Status: ON-GOING
Direction: Right(→) to Left(←)
Author: AMAMIYA Akira, YUKINAGA Chicchi
Artist: Azukiko
Release: 2021

On modern Earth, the innumerable dungeons that emerged out of nowhere have now become commonplace.

Title Timeline
Chapter 1 2024/07/06
Chapter 2a 2024/07/06
Chapter 3 2024/07/06
Chapter 4 2024/07/06
Chapter 5 2024/07/06
Chapter 6 2024/07/06
Chapter 7 2024/07/18
Chapter 8 2024/07/18
Chapter 9a 2024/07/18
Chapter 9b 2024/07/20